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Mat's mp3 player has been busted for a couple weeks (got a turn in the washing machine, but anyway...) so I'm letting him borrow my cell phone to listen to songs, when I'm not out. Today he was like 'Hey, um... so, can I take it with me to Ethics tomorrow?' and I say 'Sure, go ahead.' He kind of looks at me for a sec and says, 'Oh. Well. OK then. [pause] I need it for when I'm going to class and I can't even listen to that Ethics teacher talk..' and I say, 'OKAY, just go. I said you can take it.'

He was clearly surprised. But whatever, it's not like I need a cell phone on a Saturday at home.
I'm getting better at not being a totally terrible sister, tho I'm still kinda short with him a  lot of times when he just comes and wants to talk about shit with no purpose. I want to hide away and tell him to please just stop talking and go away.

Why am I such a bad people person? I'm mostly in my room (cold, cold room, no heating) because I can't be in the presence of three people all the time and my mum's like 'I'd like to see you sometime, you should come to the living room.' We're like... 200 meters from each other and she never sees me. Oh Jesus.
You know what's kinda funny, but not? I take anti-anxiety pills on a daily basis in order to, ya know, not be anxious and stuff. In order to get the pills, continue getting better and get proper treatment, I have to actually have monthly check-ups with the psychiatrist. And I can't even call the doc to set up an appt because it's giving me anxiety. In short, I get anxiety attacks so I need pills, but I can't set up an appointment, because IT makes me have an anxiety attack. Kind of a Catch-22, there, huh?
Oh, also, I'm doing NaNo. Sort of, idk. I have over 20k words that I've written in the last four days (I didn't have classes, national holiday, woohoo), but it's mostly fic. I haven't even decided which story is my actual NaNo story. Whatever reaches 50k first is the winner. *snort*. Unless I completely blank out now that classes are back and I have to study.