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Library visitors think I'm a librarian.

I can sort of see how they can make that mistake if I'm standing next to the reference desk reading the Rolling Stone magazine and waiting for a librarian to find a slightly obscure, lost, German/English book I pulled out of my ass this week... It's OK, it can happen - not everyone can deduce that my disinterested attitude means I'm not there to help them...

BUT, I definitely don't see how they can mistake me for a librarian when I'm sitting at one of the tables, using my laptop to play Tropico 4 and similing because I make such a great island dictator.

Do I have a 'librarian' loook about me? Is it the hair? The clothes? The nerdiness? The glasses? What makes that stereotypical librarian look in their eyes?

It's kind of amusing, though.

It doesn't help that, when they ask me something, I answer with 'I'm not a librarian, but...' and then I give them the right answer.

Speaking of Tropico 4, it's a fun game, you guys should check it out. If you've ever dreamed of ruling a country, get on it. lol. It's a construction and management game.
Funny tidbit: I issued the Same Sex Marriage edict (allowing same sex couples to marry) and lost some respect of the Religious faction. 20 minutes later, what do I see? My cardinals married each other. Those fuckers! XD In other words, I think Tropico game programmers are such trolls. I love it :D