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adam lambert, ads, alan rickman, albus dumbledore, american horror story, ancient history, animals, architecture, arts, bette midler, biology, blends, body of proof, books, boy george, business, carey mulligan, cats, cheese, chocolate, classic rock, comedy, computers, croatia, croatian, croatian heritage, culture, cyndi lauper, david bowie, deathly hallows, digital art, dire straits, drawing, dreams, economics, elvis presley, england, english, environmental economics, europe, faeries, fairies, fairy tales, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, films, firefly, fonts, food, fred astaire, freddie mercury, friends, funky stuff, gay rights, george michael, graphics, gryffindor, harry potter, harry/draco, hermione granger, hogwarts, hrvatska, icons, j.k. rowling, jane austen, jeri ryan, jk rowling, johnny depp, judy garland, katharine hepburn, kathy griffin, kris allen, languages, lgbt, lhasa, london, luna lovegood, magic, make-believe, marketing, marlon brando, merlin, monk, monty python, movie soundtracks, movies, mp3s, music, nature, new moon, oldies, osijek, painting, philosophy, photography, photos, photoshop, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, potc, pride and prejudice, ps, psychology, qaf, queen, queer as folk, quizzes, quotes, reading, religion, rent, rock'n'roll, romantic comedies, roswell, science fiction, severus snape, shipping, slash, slytherin, sociology, star trek, star wars, superman, supernatural, textures, the beatles, the clash, tibet, vampires, writing, zachary quinto